Blowing into the Windy City

About a month ago, Melissa received an email from a public accounting firm in Chicago inviting her to interview for a position that had opened up. When we traveled to Chicago a few months ago to visit the seminary and scope out the city, she had dropped by a resume. Soon after applying to Trinity, we decided to stick around Springfield for a little while longer (click here to read this story) and wait until Fall of '07 to begin classes. Then, when she got this potential job opportunity, we couldn't pass it up.

From the day she received the email, we felt confident that this was the Lord's will. So she flew up there last Wednesday, interviewed three times, and was offered the job that afternoon. We were elated. The salary was thousands more than any other similar position in the area, and the company itself is exemplary (they were nominated for Illinois Family Business of the Year this year), not to mention that it's only about 20 minutes from campus.

Melissa will begin working the start of the third week in January if all goes as planned, which means making the big move in the dead of winter in Chicago. Anyone besides us think we're crazy? Well, we are crazy... crazy about following Christ. And He has certainly blazed the trail for us, even though the trail has had several sharp turns.

Following Christ is nothing less than exhiliarating. Risky (in the world's eyes), always. And very demanding. But the call of the Gospel is to take up our crosses, and last I checked, not only are crosses very heavy, they serve one purpose alone--death. For many Christians, this means physically laying down their lives for Christ in martyrdom. But for all Christians, this means laying down our lives to be used as Christ sees fit. And while Christ's torture and death were horrific, the Bible is very clear that He did so "for the joy set before Him". Indeed, obedience to Christ is a most joyous thing.

Life will be very hectic for us in the next few weeks in preparation for the move (which goes without saying, I'm sure), so the next blog entry you read will probably be from Chicago. I may do something on the heart of Christmas before then, but I won't make any promises. We have two houses to sell by the beginning of January, along with a car, so this in itself should keep us busy until we leave. But we have a great realtor working for us... His name is God, and He promises to supply our every need, so we are not worrying. We're not just trying to not worry. We aren't worried. Praise the Lord that He is so faithful and good that we have no reason to worry.

Well, I'm going to hit the sack and try to catch up a bit on the sleep I missed out on last week (I pulled two all-nighters, and averaged about 4 hours of sleep per night on the remaining nights) due to getting the houses ready to put on the market. Ok, so I won't be getting too much sleep tonight either, as I have monthly reports due at work tomorrow. But God has again graciously supplied all the strength I have needed, and I trust Him to continue to do so. I have no reason not to.

May you rest in the sureness of His grace and find His strength in the midst of your weakness. Goodnight to all.

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