We're staying (a little while longer)!

In case anyone had not heard, my wife and I surrendered to God's calling for us to move to Chicago to attend seminary in the near future. We believed that we were to move in December so that I could start classes in January, and had been making preparations to do so. But just a couple of weeks ago, things took a Godward change of direction.

Two weeks ago yesterday, I received a call from a fellow at Trinity who wanted to speak with me about my admissions status. I wondered to myself, "Don't people usually just get a letter letting them know whether they've been accepted to a school?" I didn't know what to expect... and I certainly didn't expect this. He asked me if I was familiar with a particular scholarship program, and I said that I was. He then went over some of the details with me, such as the fact that only first-time seminary students starting in the Fall were eligible. I was not aware that by starting in the Spring, I would not be eligible to apply in the Fall, so my ears perked up.

So this kind fellow proceeded to encourage me to wait until the Fall to start classes. He explained that, after reviewing my admission application, he and the scholarship committee felt like I was a highly likely candidate for this scholarship, if I was to wait. Hmmm, I thought. This is tough... Oh, wait. What did you say? It's a full tuition scholarship? As in, I could get my seminary paid for free? Well, that pretty well makes the decision for me, I suppose. I would be a fool not to wait 'til Fall and take the chance.

Melissa and I had a pretty good feeling that this phone call was a sign from the Lord. Whether or not I end up receiving the scholarship, it is evident that He wants us to stick around just a little while longer. We can't help but feel that it has something to do with The Core, with them being on the threshold of a whole new day. Only the Lord knows what lies ahead for us, but we are thankful that He continues to light our path and direct our steps. Please pray that we continue to keep our eyes, ears, hearts and minds open to His further direction.

Grace to you.

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