Myths, Facts and Culture Wars

What are the chances that the data presented in the studies cited in this article are accurate?

I guess the first question is, are the sources (or even a majority of them) reputable, and if so, which ones? What have scholarly reviews said about their findings? If they aren't very precise, what are the chances that they're mostly accurate or even half accurate?

These findings are among the reasons I am troubled by the continued "bi-partisan" culture wars. It frightens me that such seemingly overwhelming evidence could be either (1) completely or mostly false, or (2) ignored by those with opposite opinions. If the first option is the case, then it stands to reason that all research is utterly useless. If the second option is true, then it doesn't matter what the research says; prideful people will always put their agendas first and demonize those contrary. So which is it?

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